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Governor Bradford On The Harbou ★★

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Convenientemente ubicado en el puerto de Plymouth en Plymouth, MASS. A poca distancia de las principales atracciones de S Plymouth y actividades acuáticas. Algunas de estas actividades incluyen Rock PHYMOUTH, Mayflower II, observación de ballenas, ASÍ COMO LA PROFUNDA EXCURSIONES DE PESCA MAR. SITUADO EN PUERTO Plymouth en Plymouth, MASS.

Servicios del Governor Bradford On The Harbou

  • Servicios
    Servicio de Lavandería (con costo adicional), Recepción 24 hrs., Estacionamiento Gratis, Sala de Reuniones
  • Recreación
    Salon de tv, Gimnasio, Centro de Negocios
  • Generales
    Internet Wi-fi en zonas comunes Gratis, Desayuno Gratis

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  • Horario de entrada
    15:00 hs
  • Horario de salida
    11:00 hs
  • Condiciones
    Algunas restricciones aplican, ver detalle en la página de pago.
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31 oct 2012

Parecía una opción digna,, pero la gente que lo atiende no es profesional, nos cobraron una tarifa y en la factura aparecía otra. La habitación además estaba deteriorada, la televisión se veía mal y la gente que andaba por los pasillos no era demasiado recomendable. A evitar.
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3.2 puntos

Brooke H

04 dic 2013

This room was so dirty our ten year old boy would not use the bathroom or step on the carpet . Especial after he saw the bug/rodent traps under the beds . It was a sleepless night waiting for morning . The door jam had been broken into and poorly repaired . The shower tiles fell off the wall from the mildew . The ceiling , wallpaper , walls and floor were water damaged and falling apart . There was no base boards just exposed rotten drywall. The vents were filthy .The room also smelled like mildew and wet dog . The tiny refrigerator was chained to the wall ! There was a notice not to steal the paper thin scratchy towels or other items from the room !! . All other hotels were booked for the parade or else we would not have spent the night . When my husband spoke to them about the conditions of the room They said we were in a room that had not been renovated, they offered to put us in another room but it was just as dirty and run down , it also had not been "renovated" . I hope they really are renovating because this hotel should not be selling rooms as is. We cancelled our 2nd night and needless to say they did not refund our money .They told us to ask expedia for a refund . This was the nastiest place I have ever been in . I am surprised they would even book this room to a family. This place was scary and unsafe ! Skip this hotel especial if you are traveling with a child. It really is a shame the hotel is in a good location . I hope the owners can fix it up and make it great. The staff was trying to accommodate us the best they could with what they had to work with .
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17 nov 2013

The room assigned to us was scary. Old mattresses, carpet, bedspread. Old furniture that looked like it came out of a 1960's basement. The TV was the old type and only about 20". It was just scary. We did voice our concern and asked for a better room. The desk clerk was nice and said that room hadn't been renovated yet. So they upgraded us to a water view room that was upgraded. Well, it was an improvement, but was not nice. It's old and just given some new paint and a flat screen tv, and uncomfortable bedding with only a thin old bedspread. We were given 2 towels that were about 18"x24", a couple of washcloths and a hand towel. It was a challenge. It is a shame because it sits with a beautiful view of Plymouth Harbor. A huge disappointment. It came with breakfast, so we went downstairs to get coffee and it was all locked up and they don't come in until 8AM! So we left and walked to a restaurant to get coffee and breakfast. The stay was worth about $49, certainly not $148.
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4.0 puntos


20 oct 2013

Great service, free parking next to harbour, great views of harbour, free continental breakfast, great location for tourist attractions, Main Street & restaurants bars etc. Lovely front desk staff very helpful. Rooms are average, but what you would expect for a motel. Fridge, cable.k
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8.0 puntos

Lee D

11 oct 2013

The only positive thing that can be said for this motel was that the views were outstanding. Upon opening the door, the smell of mildew was overwhelming. The front door molding had a huge chunk missing! The room was in need of maintenance - particularly for the sink & tub faucets. A seat belt might be in order for the toilet, which was loose & wobbled when in use. An overall general cleaning would definitely be in order. I would NEVER stay in this place again.
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4.4 puntos

Jon T

06 oct 2013

I travel frequently staying in a hotel 60-80 nights a year and this is by far the worst place I have ever been to. It was literally a health hazard to stay there. Spider nests, bugs, Cobb webs in every wall corner. Mold in the bathroom, wrappers, garbage, dirt, grass and leaves on the ground. I don't think they vacuumed the place since THE PILGRIMS DISCOVERED PLYMOUTH ROCK. my girl friends feet turned BLACK and we woke up as if we were breathing in poison gas and itching everywhere. The front desk lady couldn't care less and claims they "clean" it every day. They clearly have no clue and need to wake up. We came back after they claimed they cleaned and they couldn't even take the trash out. On a scale of 1-10 this place was a negative 5... IM BEGGING YOU- PLEASE DO NOT STAY HERE!!!
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Laura D

27 ago 2013

Great location had a wonderful view of the ocean and it was near the Mayflower and the rock. However the room was dirty. There was a smell of mildew. The baseboard and floor was dirty. Plus there was a dead spider and bug on the bed and pillow. The shower was stained too. Too expensive for what you get. The room was big which was nice. Not sure if I will go back unless they remodel. Also the lady at the front desk was rude. She didn't want to help with breakfast when there was an issue. She told my husband that "it wasn't her job".
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5.6 puntos


25 ago 2013

My family and I went down to Plymouth for the waterfront festival as we have been doing for years. This year we decided that we were going to stay over as it is happening during my birthday. My wife set up a reservation for the Bradford Inn as it overlooks the ocean and the festival is right outside the hotel. We arrived at 10:30 and went to see if we could check in early. The girl at the front desk couldn't find our reservation that we made a month prior. I gave her my cell phone number and she was going to see if she could research it some more. She said that she would call me as soon as the room was cleaned and I never got a call. Needless to say, we went back at 3:30 and the girl said she still didn't find anything in the system for our reservation, but she would enter us in the system at a lower rate, and that a room was finally ready. The girl gave us a key for the room, not a key card; as soon as I saw that I was thinking someone is not up with the times. We had to ask the girl where to park cause it was confusing. There is a parking lot in the back of the hotel, but was told that it fills up fast. We were given room 217, which had an amazing view of the ocean. Entering into the room it smelled like someone pumped an entire can of febreeze into the room. As soon as we entered into the room, the security lock wouldn't lock. I could tell that the doorframe looked like it was kicked in and there was a mickey mouse job done to patch it up. The wallpaper was wrinkled like there was water damaged and there was even mold on the wall where some of the wallpaper was taken off of the wall either by someone or by water damage. The furniture in the room looked to be from the early 80s. The comforters on the beds were white with stains on them. The pillows were flat as paper. The beds need to be updated, felt like you were sleeping on a brick. All through the night I was scratching like there was fleas in the room. Looking under the bed, you can tell that the vacuum does not go under there. Then again I don't think that a vacuum has been used on the room since Reagan was in office. Looking under the bed I found bug traps, that made me feel good. I was afraid to put my clothes in the drawers because they smelled really bad. The bathroom had towels that were made for kids and were ratty and thin. The towel holder they were on was rusty. There was mold in the grout work. The only thing that did save it was it had killer water pressure and the water was nice and warm. The a/c unit in the room was excellent and kept it nice and cool. There was a flat screen tv in the room and it had cable, even though 75% of the channels were sports channels which we don't watch. I am happy we were only there for one night. I wish someone would buy the hotel, remodel it, and turn it into the perfect hotel that it could be. If you want a decent hotel, this is not the place for you. If you are a person who can sleep anywhere and in any condition, I still don't think that this is the place for you. The Radisson is down the road from the hotel and it is cheaper
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4.0 puntos

Gail B

22 ago 2013

Once was enough for me! I won't stay there again. The place is ill kept, dirty and run down. Pealing wallpaper, sagging drapes, slow drains (making them dirty), soiled bedding(mattress and springs),carpet dirty, door looked like it had been broken into (maybe Rick and I had the same room). The only appliance in the room was a fridge. Breakfast was advertised from 7:30 to 11:00. I was in the breakfast room by 8:00---the coffee was empty and other supplies were already low. Various guests, including myself, had to ask the front desk for more of everything, the amounts brought at any one time was never enough for the number of people coming in at that time of the morning. I have had better service, more appliances, better breakfast, more well kept premises for 1/3 to 1/2 the price I paid here. Granted it's on the water, that's the only thing it has going for it, but the room I had was not on the waterside, I'm sure that would cost even more. I learned one thing though----do my homework so I don't get caught like this again!
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3.2 puntos

Rick G

19 ago 2013

Have stayed here several times over the past several years and will never go back again. Keep thinking they will make improvements but they only make the outside look better. Our room was smelly. Carpet very dirty looking. Bathroom door would not close. Mold in bathroom and paint was rolled over the tiled walls and was peeling off.Wall paper peeling off in bathroom also and was painted over too. Towels very threadbare and hardly big enough to wrap around your body. Bed headboards very dirty and dusty. Tv and console very old and worn out. Also door jam to the room looked like it had been broken into. $149.00 + taxes a night for this???
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3.2 puntos
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Governor Bradford On The Harbou - 98 Water St, Plymouth

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